Xasa SimplyBEE REVENUE RISK DRIVEN BY COMPLIANCE SIMULATION REDUCE EVER-INCREASING COMPLIANCE COSTS MONITOR PROCUREMENT POLICY Actively manage the risk of missing out on business opportunities as a result of a suboptimal B-BBEE level. End to end B-BBEE risk management, which includes real-time B-BBEE score calculation, variance analysis and consolidation. Benefit: Actively manage the risk of proposed changes to B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice or Sector-specific Codes that are not yet in effect. At the click of a button, obtain a real-time variance analysis on the impact of proposed changes to B-BBEE Codes on your achieved B-BBEE points. Benefit: Automatically (i)source transformation credentials, including B-BBEE certificates, (ii) monitor the B-BBEE impact of your suppliers, and (iii) obtain visibility on supplier B-BBEE Transformation Plans and how they are tracking. Obtain visibility on the effectiveness of procurement policies, the associated risks relating to supplier non-compliance and unlock internal capacity from automating processes. Benefit: Reduce the reliance on external support to define the B-BBEE strategy and target your spend in a manner that optimises the scoring of B-BBEE points. Cost savings that are driven by the ability to (i) obtain a B-BBEE plan in seconds, including the assimilation into the actual spend required to meet goals, and (ii) real-time monitoring and variance analysis of that plan against actual inputs. Benefit: Sign Up
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