Galelo was founded in 2016 by two entrepreneurs with the aspiration to contribute positively to the South African economy and the rest of Africa alike. Our years spent working in various sectors across the continent revealed that there were still high barriers to market and funding participation for entrepreneurs, especially for those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our company works with SMEs, large corporates and funders – using our technology solutions and deep management consulting expertise – to:

  • Unlock SME growth through direct access to market and funding opportunities, as well as business management support;
  • Expand the procurement impact of large corporates, while eliminating the high costs of procurement sourcing and management;
  • Originate investable SME financial opportunities for funders over both short and long term investment horizons;
  • Simplify compliance with B-BBEE legislation.

Welcome to Galelo, where your company’s growth evolves.



We pride ourselves in having assisted companies across South Africa. And with the valuable partnerships we’ve fostered with various development players across the country, we are able to provide our services across South Africa’s main economic hubs.

Who we have serviced: